Expanted Polyethylene Form ( EPE Foam )

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EPE Foam is a quality product from Goldcoin Packaging Pvt. Ltd. - Its unrivalled advantages make it suitable for a host of applications:

Flexible : Better flexibility than most other alternatives, EPE Foam wraps around products with ease and offers maximum protection.

Excellent Cushioning : Its cellular structure makes it highly shock-absorbent and durable for all packaging needs.

Resilient : EPE Foam regains its shape after shock. It is fracture, shatter and crumble proof.

Abrasive Resistant : Its soft texture gives complete protection against abrasive marks or scratches during transportation.

Chemical Resistant : It is inert to most corrosive chemicals such as acids, alkalies and other chemical solvents.

Moisture Resistant : Because it is virtually impermeable, the amount of water EPE Foam absorbs is negligible.

Static Resistant : Unlike other packaging material EPE Foam does not attract dust from the atmosphere due to its inherent anti-static properties. Specially made anti-static grades (pink colour) are also available.

Thermal Insulation : EPE Foam has proved to be a superior insulating material because of its extremely low thermal conductivity and moisture absorbent properties.

Non Toxic & Odourless : A safe product for packaging of food stuff. Resists fungi and mould growth.

Easy to Handle : Easy to use, cut, shape or seal with glue.

Easy to Fabricate : EPE Foam can be fabricated into desired shapes and structures. No expensive moulds are required.

Light Weight Yet Tough : Its light weight saves cost of handling and transportation, at the same time it is tough.

Effective Temperature Range : Without affecting its properties, EPE Foam can be used in temperature ranging from - 40 degree to 70 degree.

Variety of Colours : EPE Foam is available in a wide range of colours.

Wide Product Range : EPE Foam is available in a wide range of rolls, planks, reinforced sheets, fabricated products, to suit specific requirements.

Electronic / Electrical Based : Computer, X-ray, equipments & films, electronic equipments and components, audio / video equipments.

Fragile Based : Marble, Granite & Tiles, Glass & Glassware, Guages & scientific instruments etc.

Insulation : A.C. insulation pads, A.C. ducting, Pipe insulation, Underdeck / Overdeck insualtion etc.

Construction : Expansion joint filler, Water proofing of Terraces etc.

Marine : Life saving jackets, Life vests, oil boom etc.

Sports : Judo / Wrestling mats, Sleeping mats, Leg & thigh guards etc.