Mini Euro comb

Model No. O.D. Size I.D. Size
MU43065CCR/CCF 400x300x65mm 365x265x50mm
MU43080CCR/CCF 400x300x80mm 365x265x65mm
MU43090CCR/CCF 400x300x90mm 365x265x75mm
MU43120CCR/CCF 400x300x120mm 365x265x105mm
MU43150CCR/CCF 400x300x150mm 365x265x135mm
MU43175CCR/CCF 400x300x175mm 365x265x160mm
MU43220CCR/CCF 400x300x220mm 365x265x205mm
MU43235CCR/CCF 400x300x235mm 365x265x220mm
MU43240CCR/CCF 400x300x240mm 365x265x225mm
MU43270CCR/CCF 400x300x270mm 365x265x255mm
MU4320CCR/CCF 400x300x320mm 365x265x305mm
MU3270CCR/CCF 300x200x70mm 265x165x55mm
MU32100CCR/CCF 300x200x100mm 265x165x85mm
MU32150CCR/CCF 300x200x150mm 265x165x135mm
MU32175CCR/CCF 300x200x175mm 265x165x160mm
MU32200CCR/CCF 300x200x200mm 265x165x185mm
LID 43000 400x300x50mm
LID 32000 300x200x50mm

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EuroCombo Crates made of Food grade material are suitable for the distribution of goods in a vatiety of industries and offer many opportunities for efficient materials handling Solutions. The multitude of sizes and designs of the plastic box means they can be tailored to the flow of goods in most situations.

The use of Plastic Dunnage & Plastic Fabrication helps in moving the components in a safe & secured manner without dammage. These Crates adheres to VDA KLT Crate standards followed by European Industries. The crate bins can be used on trolllies as a complete material handling solutions with lid as an optional solution to protect the component. We also provide Export pallets for various industries .