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  • FRP Pallet & lid with PP sleeve Photo
  • PP Bubble guard Pallet Sleeve & Lid Photo
  • Specification for FRP
  • Specification for PP Bubble Guard
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  • Specification of FRP Pallet sleeve & lid

  • FRP Pallet Size : 1200*1010*160 mm(usable Inner Dimension1130*905mm)
  • FRP LID Size : 1200*1010*80mm
  • PP Sleeve : 3000GSM *1150*925* Height can be as per requirement such as 665/950/1500 etc
  • Load carrying capacity static 1000 kg & dynamic 700 kg Stackability : 1+2
  • Locking can be done between pallet sleeve & lid.
  • Reusable, Foldable & cost effective in reverse logistic

  • Specification of PP bubble guard Pallet sleeve lid

  • It is made from Pp Bubble Guard Sheet and has been tested from IIP for its strength and durability.
  • Cost effective, Foldable, Re-usable.
  • Reduced spoilage and product damage.
  • Rackable in unsupported racks.
  • 100% Recyclable Product
  • Stackable 1+1
  • Size : Customized dimension are possible Maximum Width feasible is 1800mm & length & height can be decided.
  • Load carrying capacity : can be designed as per requirement.